Best Places in Bangalore that Shouldn’t be Missed

Bengaluru (formerly known as Bangalore) is India’s southern hub of the high technology growth. Often cited as the silicon valley in India, Bangalore is a metropolitan hub for startups in the country. While this may be the present day precedent of the city, it doesn’t take away from the rich culture, architecture and experiences that lie waiting for you when you visit the city. Be it may as a traveller or a resident, the city offers several avenues for you to explore and marvel in the southern capital city of Karnataka. For the best Bangalore hotel list and more information on your accommodation needs feel free to reference these links.

In this article, we’ll help you with a list of the must visit places in the city for your weekends or travel itinerary.

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens
These are lush green gardens with a variety of flora that is unique to the region. The gardens are located 6kms from the city’s central railway station, boasts 240 acres of exquisite flora. Commissioned in the times of Hyder Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan, this floral wonder attained the status of a government botanical garden in 1856.

Bangalore Palace
This place is often considered a close match to the Windsor Castle in England, this colonial architecture is truly a spectacular sight to take in. The majestic monument is set amongst beautiful gardens and lawns. Several tourist visit this place daily and the palace grounds is known to host several galas and events from time to time.

Bull Nandi Temple
A 16th century temple erected in the honour of Lord Shiva’s bull Nandi, who is referred to as the wagon of the lord, provides an air of religious exuberance. The temple is site for several religious activities and bears great mythological significance. It is also among the oldest temples in the city

Iskcon Temple

It attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis, is a prominent temple in the city. Apart from its marble architecture and gold lamentations the temple is a spiritual centre for devotees and also pious learning centre for traditions and religious customs. Visiting the Iskcon temple is close to a full day activity as there are often many devotees and access to the inner sanctums of the temple can be slow at best.

The Wonderla Amusement Park
if you are up for a day of frolicking in the sun, relaxing in the wave pool and enjoying some thrilling water rides. The Wonderla amusement park is the place for you. It’s a fun outing destination with friends and family.

Commercial Shopping Street
This is a city centre hub for fashion, ornaments, accessories and hardware. The Commercial street is a must visit for all travellers. There are plenty of wares to choose from and the street offers many restaurants and bars to quench a thirst or nurse a tired stomach before getting back to the many stores.

Brigade Road
Another one of the prominent shopping streets of the city, it is located close to the MG road. Apart from its many shops and stores selling different products, the street is a common destination for locals to relax and enjoy an evening in the city. There are many restaurants, bars and even a cinema to keep you occupied during your visit.

The Art of Living Centre
It is a yogi retreat among the hustle bustle of the city. While you don’t have to be a practicing yogi or dedicated student to visit the centre, there are many short courses and materials that can help initiate you into the teachings. Visited by many tourist from all over the world, the centre provides guided tours and short classes for meditations or simple talks with other spiritual gurus.

HAL Aerospace Centre and Museum
If you are an aviation buff or simply enjoy seeing the extent of our technological advancement in the field of aerospace engineering, this is a must visit for you. With interactive guided tours and also several special events, the museum provides quite a lot to take in.

Bannerghatta National Park

Situated roughly 20 kms from the city, you can find several tours that take you to the National park for day excursions. A must visit for nature lovers, the park provides a variety of flora and fauna from the region and showcases lions, tigers and crocodiles among its many inhabitants.

Cubbon Park
This is a historical as well as natural wonder, is a beautiful park located in the city. It offers each and every visitor with the whiff of fresh air and is often frequented by locals for their morning and evening walks. The park is a wonderful place to have a small picnic and simply enjoy an evening with your loved ones. Often times the park hosts small events and fairs, mostly on weekends.

Bangalore is a wonderful mix of art, culture and technology in a harmonious balance with nature. There are many activities for all to explore. To plan your stay in the city make sure to check out the Bangalore Hotel list.

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