Independent travel organization OR travel agency – what’s better?

Is it better to organize your trip independently or go over an agency to Catania or some other exotic destination?

You were weighed, many!

The first thing you have to clear up with is – What do you expect from Travel.

There are people (and we are also part of that sect) who loves to think, organize, and plan. Many call them adventurers, adventurers, lunatics. Some are backpackers (those who go on the road around the world with only one ranch) … Others love exoticism and luxury, so they pack in 2 suitcases and visit fancy resorts. And there are those who like a little one, a little bit, and in any case they will put in a suitcase a little bigger backpack, because they never know… So, answer yourself what kind of a traveler you are? What do you expect from a trip? What do you like? What excites …